Closing Shop

With only one post in the last year, the state of this blog is pretty clear, and so is the only reasonable course of action. It’s time to close up shop.

However, it’s obvious that shutting down this project isn’t the only thing I should do. In addition to discontinuing the blog due to complete loss of momentum, I’ve also decided it’s time to stop thinking about pretty much anything.

Now, dear readers (hypothetical readers, that is; I well know nobody’s actually out there), before you get up in arms and accuse me of flip-flopping on the issue of thought, I want to point out how this conclusion is in fact itself the end result of my critical thinking process.

Here’s the gist: unless you’re lucky enough to live in the ivory tower, thinking too much just gets you riled up about things you can’t change. Sure, I spent years and a lot of money on fancy training to awaken my critical faculties and become a smarty-pants, but now I’m just your regular wage-slave, and thinking about things just makes it harder to do my job.

Under the circumstances, thinking actually leads to persistent worsening of quality of life, rather than the noble eudaimonia it’s supposed to get us. It’s frustrating to entertain thoughts about how things are wrong, or how things could be better, or what’s really at the root of things when none of that can be brought to bear to change your own socially immobile station. Ironically, it’s the common religious idea of predestination or karmically determined caste that provides peace of mind in lieu of thinking, which just stirs things up.

Accordingly, I’m taking the opportunity of closing down this failed catalog of thoughts to just stop thinking altogether. From now on, I look forward to enjoying a life of thoughtless ignorance and unperturbed contentment with whatever way things are.