Girding for the Lightning

A piece in the Times the other day brought up a peculiar point: "Look critically at someone’s god and gird for the lightning." Issues of cultural sensitivity aside, why do religious ideas have the privilege of exemption from critical examination?


A New Course of Study

As usual, another lull in writing here reflects a great deal of activity in the mind of the writer. Those among you, dear readers, who know me may be aware I applied to a handful of doctoral programs after graduating from Reed College, my intent being to continue my study of ancient China. Those applications were unsuccessful, and in the wake of the process I became disillusioned with the prospect of graduate education.

However, in light of recent contemplation of the universe and its meaning, or possible lack thereof, I've concluded I do need to pursue further learning to address the many questions I'm unable to answer on my own. Moreover, I realize only one discipline stands to provide those answers and unlock real insight into existence.

I have been accepted to the divinity school at Redwood College, and will shortly be relocating to California to set up my residence before the fall term. My enrollment is made possible by a generous scholarship from the Nigerian Ministry of Education, without which I couldn't pursue further higher education and avoid incurring additional student debt. I'm grateful to be able to supplement the purely destructive theory and method of studying religion I learned at Reed with training in theology that will enable me to build up some real understanding, rather than just break things down.


Purpose of the Universe

During a conversation the other evening about the unforeseen consequences of relatively small actions, my interlocutor and I found ourselves pressed to conclude coincidence is just coincidence, despite the overpowering human urge to ascribe meaning to coincidences of significance. Today I happened upon this clip, wherein a sage of our time discusses the kindred question of whether the universe has purpose: