The Cult of the Green Dragon

Today, for a change, I'm going to tell you how I feel.

I've been sitting on this video for a long time:

Watching it again to think on what to write about it, I find myself at a loss.

Of course my first inclination is to lay out its claims for summary refutation, but if the video doesn't sufficiently speak for itself in that regard I doubt I stand to accomplish much by the exercise of highlighting its fallacious argumentation. Critical analysis could pick out a number of particulars about the use of religious ideas to bolster the rhetoric, but again I feel the effort would yield little that isn't self-evident.

That's why for once I'm writing not what I think, but what I feel:


To imagine the use of religious ideas to obstruct free thinking is disturbing (and nothing novel to a religion scholar), but to see a real and contemporary example of it is nothing short of horrifying.

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