Coffee as Entheogen

Coffee is certainly an object of nigh-religious devotion from many, but is there anything actually religious about it?


Chozo Spirituality

The Metroid franchise sits solidly in the science fiction adventure genre, and while its narratives are certainly heroic it doesn't present the sort of mythical themes that tend to attract the attention of a religion scholar to a video game. Its world is one of fact and science, history and technology. However, at least in some of its 21st-century titles the series has developed the background of one of its omnipresent elements — the Chozo — to include a dimension we might recognize as spiritual.


Varieties of Hylian Religious Experience

Here's an odd thing about religion in Hyrule: most people don't seem to do very much we'd call religious. In fact, for a world with genuinely real deities, religion has at best a minor presence.