Calling it Quits

Dear readers,

You've probably noticed it's been awfully quiet around here since the tail end of last year. In the interim, I've moved to Manhattan, found a tiny room in Harlem, and been looking once again for work. I've realized a few things in the last few months, and there's a reason I haven't posted here during that time.

Long story short, I've finally come to terms with the fact money is more important than pretty much anything else. Trying to live in this crazy city has shown me the few good things in life must be bought, and aside from dumb luck there's no other way to be happy.

For a long time I clung to the quaint notion true happiness had something to do with self-actualization through worthy pursuits, but I've come to the conclusion that old nag is just a ploy to throw off undesirables from figuring out where happiness really lies: in high society, surrounded by luxury. Sure, not everybody can have that, and those who do only get it by breaking the backs of the poor chumps they climb up on, but that's the world we live in.

All this prattling about religion and trying to understand the crazy stuff people to do comfort themselves isn't really worth the pixels it's displayed on. I've got better things to do now that it's clear making a big score is what really counts. So long, suckers.


  1. I approve of your realization that nothing but money matters!

  2. Just found your blog. Hope you are finding yourself in a better place a year after you wrote this. Everyone goes through it, except douchebags with rich parents.

    1. Thanks for your kind wishes, but please take note of the date of this post.