Things Bloggers Should Never Do, Episode 2

Figured I should publish at least a couple of actually topical posts before loosing the second installment of this judgmental nitpicking. This second round has actually been ready to go since early in June, and perhaps you won't be surprised that the third is already underway.

In any case, bloggers should never...
  • Title their blogs "My [Subject] Blog" or "[So-and-So's] [Subject] Blog" or, perhaps worst of all, simply "[So-and-So's] Blog".
  • Incorrectly use commas to reflect non-grammatical pauses that might be made in speech.
  • Use capitalized words run together without spaces as a blog title, like "LameAssTitleBlog".
  • Title their blogs with a clever-looking combination of one word in capitals and the other all lower case, like "BULLSHITblog".
  • Use images completely unrelated to their posts (or related only by the most pathetically tenuous acts of imaginative stretching) simply for the sake of having an image in the post.
  • Describe themselves with a series of unconnected and unrelated nouns separated by periods.
Once again, I invite your suggestions for bad blogging habits in the comments, though frankly I imagine it'll be something of a challenge for you to come up with something I haven't encountered. Surprise me.