Things Bloggers Should Never Do, Episode 3

It's that time again. Bloggers should never...
  • Tell readers they have to read so-and-so's book, or that such-and-such a blog should be on their blogrolls right now.
  • Bury substantial posts under piles of announcements about conferences, bubbling reviews of how inspirational so-and-so's keynote was, and shout-outs to people met at conferences.
  • Use three verbs separated by periods as a blog title or subtitle.
  • Pretentiously refer to their sites as 'weblogs'.
  • Write posts in which almost every single sentence is a separate paragraph.
  • Grammatically treat the words 'social media' as singular.
It's likely this will be the last installment of this serial tirade, as my regular work had me wading through relatively fewer blogs than over the summer, and came to a sudden and unexpected end last week. In any case by now I'm fairly confident I've seen most of the worst the blogosphere has commonly to offer. Nevertheless, feel free to suggest anything I've missed in these three cautionary articles. As the Interwebs continue to develop, no doubt the vulgar errors perpetrated most frequently will as well, and time may oblige me to revisit this painful subject once again.

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