I'm on a Boat

... Or a bandwagon or something. Anyway, I've suckered myself into joining Google+. If any readers out there would care to connect, feel free to find me. If you ask really nicely I might even be persuaded to hand out an invite to the field trial.


Lady Gaga and Non-dualism

Fascinated as I may be by social media, I'm no user of Twitter, Facebook, nor any of the rest. (What I've heard of Google+ over the past week has been tempting me a bit, though.) Regardless, in the course of my work yesterday I happened upon a recent tweet (or at least a hypothetical tweet featured in a video) of Lady Gaga's: "you are ALL beautiful."

Immediately my mind began to wrestle with what the Goddess of Pop could mean by this. On the face of it, the message seems simple and cheery enough, but given more than superficial consideration we're obliged to concede that, strictly speaking, it can't be true.