Things Bloggers Should Never Do, Episode 1

For awhile now I've been looking for an outlet to express some vexation of mine over too-common habits and behaviors among bloggers. As you may recall, dear reader, my day job entails looking over hundreds of blogs every week. In the course of touring so much of the blogosphere, one develops an eye for certain annoying commonalities between blogs on all subjects.

It occurred to me that I am a blogger, and have this blog as a potential venue for just such a venting. Although it breaks my heretofore undisrupted focus on matters pertaining strictly to religion and the study thereof, I believe I may excuse myself on the grounds that off-topic posts about blogging itself are one of the features found on blogs everywhere.

And so, without further ado:

Bloggers should never...

  • Use the word 'musings' in their blog name, post titles, or anywhere on their blogs, ever.
  • Describe their blog as 'the place where I record all things pertaining to [subject], [subject], [unrelated personal interest], and life' or with similar phrases on an about page.
  • Profess their undying love for or addiction to or connoisseurship of chocolate and coffee.
  • Just post interesting or amusing videos without significant or meaningful commentary.
  • Post self-promoting collections of their tweets from the last week.
  • Use the contraction 'there's' when they mean 'there are.'
I'll leave it at that for this first installment. More to come as my rage gauge fills up again.

Feel free to get in touch to suggest your least favorite bad blogging habits to contribute to this ongoing catalog of trite degeneracy.


  1. Using the 'word' alot.
    Fail. People should not do that.
    Though I must say I disagree with you on the note of posting videos or funny things which you then do not quantify with some sort of explanation as to why you posted it. You posted it because it struck your fancy. But I do thing that when it comes to that point, it depends on what kind of blog you run.

  2. Hyperbole and a Half has covered the alot quite well already.

    To clarify, my objection here isn't with posting interesting or amusing videos without commentary per se, but with doing it excessively.