Still Here

Don't want to say 'I told you so,' but...

Heaven and Earth, just as they were before. Cheers.


The End is Nigh... Again

It has come to my attention that the end of the world is scheduled to begin this coming Saturday, May 21st, at 18:00 pacific time.

Once again, some clever person has made 'calculations' based on clues hidden in the Bible, and determined with great precision and certainty the day and the hour at which the saved will be 'raptured' ('rapture' is a verb now?) off to Heaven, while the rest of us poor sinners will be paid the ultimate wages of our depravity and unbelief. It is of course of no great import to this positive determination that its author made a similar prediction before. Apparently he was undaunted when Judgment Day failed to arrive back in 1994, and wrote off that apocalyptic misreckoning on account of having not yet completed his biblical research.

Somehow notwithstanding the fact that many of these supposedly calculated predictions of Armageddon have come and gone without incident (and indeed that Christians have been anxiously awaiting doomsday since not long after Jesus' death), this latest end-of-days forecast seems to have garnered quite a bit of attention and a few prominently outspoken adherents. I've read of people who've given up saving money or looking for work because they anticipate how completely unnecessary these things will be in just a few days. Others have cut themselves off from their incredulous families in zealous adamance.

I actually saw a man in the public market, waving a Bible in one hand and bearing an end-is-nigh type sign in the other, trumpeting the coming apocalypse to passersby.

I'd like to offer an analysis of this behavior, but if the world is going to end next weekend it seems hardly worth the effort. For now I merely note the date and pass along the news.

Should this prove to be my last post, dear reader, I'll probably see you in Hell.