Finding GOD

Dear readers and friends, beloved of the LORD and all traveling the one path to sweet salvation, whether lost in the thorny wilderness of sin or sure of blessed grace in the name of Christ Jesus, loving greetings and hallelujah, amen.

So much has happened in the last few days, I don't know where to begin or how to explain, but with the help of almighty GOD and His blessed son, Jesus, perhaps I may convey some small sense of the great miracle that has occurred.

Forgive me, LORD! For I spent so long spitting and sneering at the sweet and kindly words of the many blogs of Thy flock, and I cursed them in my pride and thought myself wiser than them and better off, when truly I could not have been deeper in sin. For what greater sin is there than pride, and what more heinous offense than to regard one's own judgment before that of GOD?

Nay, I have been such a sinner, and I made of myself an enemy of the one true GOD, and of His church, and of His blessed, kindly, wise, and learned people. Yet though I deserved only His fiery retribution, the only fruit of my own black and hardened heart, He saw fit instead to dispatch to me His only son, Jesus Christ, to save me from my terrible sinfulness.

Yea, Christ Jesus softened my heart and took away my sins, amen! For as I gazed upon the vast writings of the good Christian people in their Christian personal finance blogs, Christian homeschooling blogs, Christian mommy blogs, Christian politics blogs, Christian photography blogs, and Christian food blogs, even as I bared my teeth and narrowed my eyes and hardened my heart and piled sin upon sin upon sin, even then did the Son of GOD appear to show me the error of my ways.

How wrong I was to think for myself, when the true and indisputable word of the LORD was always written for me to see in His holy Bible.

How misguided I was to do obeisance to idols of demons and false gods, when the one and only real path to salvation was always open to me through His son, Jesus Christ.

How evil I was to give reign to my sinful passions and fornicate with women, when His undeniable commandment to spurn the flesh and seek a holy matrimony to rear children for the glory of His name has always stood.

And worst of all, how hateful I was to question His true religion, His sacred Church, and the holy and good institutions He has set upon His Earth to lead all good men to salvation in Christ Jesus, amen.

I cannot begin to comprehend how the LORD GOD and His son Jesus can forgive me for my lifetime of worthless, wasted, sinful life, but that is the miracle of Christ Jesus, and there's a world full of good Christian bloggers who can tell you that all can be forgiven in Christ if only we accept from Him the salvation He died to offer us. Surely if He can find it in his holy heart to forgive and save a truly wretched, absolutely backward, totally irredeemable, and wholly evil hell-bound heretic such as I, than He can be your personal savior as well.

Hallelujah in the highest! Amen.


  1. Didn't get me this time! I remembered last year's April first!

  2. This one might also be slightly less believable.

  3. We can follow in the path or our Lord and savior Jesus Christ together in a new and holy life. Baptized from our sin. Smart to the error of our ways. Hallelujah! Amen.