What No One Has Asked Before

Obviously I've been a bit delinquent in posting regularly. While having a job (for the time being, Heaven help me) does have something to do with it, I'm not interested in making excuses, and no doubt you're not interested in reading them. (Or maybe you are. Maybe I should start posting my personal log entries instead of intellectually stimulating content. Maybe I should start using Facebook and Twitter so you can follow all the irrelevant minutiae of my everyday goings-on. Maybe I should set up an all-hours webcam in my room, or attach it to my forehead. Or maybe not.)

However, I will say that one reason I've not been posting regularly is that I'm a little short of ideas I'd like to write about. I do keep a list of possible topics to discuss here, but for the most part they call for the sort of involved, laborious academic bludgeoning to which you've been repeatedly subjected in the several series of multiple-post-dissertations below. In a word, I'd like to have some lighter subject matter.

To that end, consider this post an invitation: I'd like to know what you, dear reader, would like me to write about. All suggestions are welcome, and indeed, even ultimately impertinent topics may lead to viable ideas.

So please, leave a comment and let me know what you'd like subjected to my inescapable scrutiny and analysis.