The War on Spam

Dear Readers,

As I've mentioned before, this otherwise relatively unvisited site has been suffering from frequent spam comments containing links to what appear to be Chinese dating sites. Because this blog's settings require users to complete a captcha to leave comments, I can only assume these spurious comments are being produced (with aggravating regularity) by human users who occupy themselves in this fashion.

In any case, it has become thoroughly tiresome to log in and delete each of these spam comments individually after they've been left. As such, I've implemented comment moderation to prevent any more spam from being posted in the first place. This will allow me to dismiss fake comments before they appear on my posts. Unfortunately this also means legitimate comments will not appear until I've had opportunity to review them.

Rest assured that I will use this moderation only to weed out spam, and that any and all real comments, whatever their substance or lack thereof, will be allowed as early as possible. I sincerely hope this effort to eliminate troublesome spam will not discourage you from leaving whatever comments you might like.

That is, if anybody ever reads any of this...


  1. There're some that read it, and enjoy it! As a follow up to your earlier Google-is-not-god post, what would it take for something (or someone) to be(come) a god?

  2. Godhood clearly means different things to different peoples, but I always like to bear in mind the etymology of the word. Long story short, 'god' means "that which is worshipped". This sense is reflected in the figurative usage of the word, as when we say 'money is so-and-so's only god' or 'to him, Kurt Cobain is god.' In this regard, it suffices that some folks make Google their god for Google to be a god.

    However, the point to be taken even in the case of such a minimal definition is that it isn't any inherent qualities of Google as an entity which make it a god, but merely the fact that Google is the object of worship. Thus, as far as I'm concerned in the previous post, whether Google is or is not a god is immaterial; the issue is simply that even if Google is a god, it's not for any of the reasons present in the Church of Google's nine proofs.

  3. I read this. Just infrequently. =P

    You should post more often though. POST MOARR