Card Cosmology, Part IV: A Church of Cards

Throughout our discussions of the playing card cosmology, I have hinted at the possibility of a whole religion based upon that cosmology. Today, with reference to the much-beloved definition of religion provided by Roy Rappaport, we will speculate on the substance and character of such a hypothetical Church of Cards.


Card Cosmology, Part III: Solitaire

In our previous post, we catalogued salient highlights of the playing card cosmological idea system and some of its accretions. Today, in similar fashion, we shall consider Solitaire, the game which largely informs the cosmology.

This exploration shall be organized according to three types of 'cosmological Solitaire' games: Apotropaic, Divinatory, and a third type which we will call Holy Solitaire.


Brief Hiatus

Dear readers,

With the end of my time in Portland approaching, I find my mind a bit too disorderly to put to work writing analytical discourse this week. I'll be heading north, back home to Bainbridge Island, next Tuesday. If I have any wits left upon my arrival, our next post — on cosmological Solitaire — may be delivered next week. However, please don't be dismayed or upset if another week should pass before we get back on track.

In the meantime, as always, I'll be keeping an eye on the comments, and welcome discussion of our investigations to date.


Card Cosmology, Part II

At last, as promised in our previous post, herein we will catalogue some of the details of the card cosmology which I have made up or, alternatively, which has been revealed to me over the past three years.


May Day

Dear readers,

Due to its length, and some difficulty with Blogger's autosave functionality, our next post has, obviously, been somewhat delayed. With any luck, it should be finished by the usual time this week.

Meanwhile, though the weather in Portland continues to be fickle, a happy Spring to all.